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Herzl’s Nightmare — one land, two peoples

Cover of Herzl's NightmareTheodor Herzl’s dream of a national homeland for the Jewish people was realized when Israel declared its independence in 1948. Yet it was made possible through the deaths of millions of European Jews and at the expense of Palestinian society—a people who would never forget what they saw as a grave injustice. Herzl’s dream would prove illusory.

Peter Rodgers is a brave man. He has the courage to write what many of us feel about the Arab-Israel conflict but dare not say—that our world is hostage to a struggle with no apparent solution in a blood-soaked land that is captive to past … This is a brilliant, timely and disturbing book.

Phillip Knightley, author of The First Casualty

Arabian Plights — the future Middle East

Cover of Arabian PlightsThe Arab footprint on our world is profound – from Islam to astronomy, from oil to Osama bin Laden. But can the threads of a shared language, a mostly shared religion, and overlapping historical experience equip Arab states to meet the demands of the twenty-first century? The demand for food, water, education, and jobs, all driven by huge population growth, plus the big picture issues of global warming and national and regional security are the stuff of nightmares.

‘Rodgers not only asks the pertinent question, “What will the Middle East look like in 2020″, but is courageous enough to have a stab at answering it and to prescribe what needs to be done to avoid disaster.’
Robert Newton, former Australian diplomat

‘… any readers of his book would put it down significantly better informed than when they picked it up.’
Jake Lynch, Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney

‘… a knowledgeable, passionate, intelligent argument for change in Western dealings with the Middle East.’
Sarah Hogan, Media Culture reviews

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The right call (short story)

Extract: I’d prepared carefully for the talk with my dog Asteroid, knowing it would be a turning point in our relationship. If I’d seen where it would lead, I’d have kept my mouth shut.

The talk was about life’s hardest truth – that time runs out for us all. In Asteroid’s case I’d decided it was more a question of money.


The Prison of Memory

One hundred years on from the Balfour Declaration of 1917, fifty years after a miraculous delivery from its foes, Israel is again threatened. A Palestinian State sits uneasily on its borders, watching, waiting, plotting. Within Israel, those who see any surrender of the land trodden by their ancestors as a betrayal of God’s commands to his chosen ones now rise in anger. A tense new day unfolds, adding new wrongs to old evils. None can escape the prison of memory.

‘Any number of thrillers try to over-simplify and over-dramatise the Middle East. Rodgers … has written a political and psychological novel, not a thriller but a smarter and deeper book.’                                                    The Canberra Times

‘The author does a terrific job of presenting many complex, thought-provoking issues … Without sacrificing the dynamics of the thriller, he offers a refreshing opportunity to reconsider one of the last seemingly insoluble conflicts in world affairs.                                                                                                          

‘… a polished page-turner with some bite.’ 
The Weekend Australian

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