Peter Rodgers

Peter Rodgers is a former senior officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade whose appointments included two ambassadorial postings and head of the Australian Overseas Information Service. He provides professional development training to a range of Australian Government organisations and, through the Australian National University and the University of the South Pacific, to government officials from the Pacific, South Asia and the Caribbean. Peter has also worked as a journalist. As Jakarta correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald he received the Australian Journalist of the Year Award. He has written two books on the Middle East (Herzl’s Nightmare – one land two peoples; Arabian Plights) and prize winning short fiction.

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2 Replies to “Peter Rodgers”

  1. Hi Peter, it has been many years since we were in touch but I just read your piece on John Menadue’s blog and thought I would reach out. I am still very involved in South East Asia and India and slowly moving my base back to Sydney after another 7 years in Singapore – see or

    BTW that was a very graphic and effective start to your piece on capital punishment.

    I hope all goes well with you.



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