Peter Rodgers

Peter Rodgers is a former senior Australian diplomat and journalist and now an author and playwright. Peter’s foreign service career included appointments as Australia’s High Commissioner to the Caribbean and Australian Ambassador to Israel. Earlier, as Jakarta correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald, Peter received the Australian Journalist of the Year Award for his reporting on East Timor. Over the past two decades Peter has provided professional skills training (particularly effective communication and international negotiations) to a range of Australian Government agencies and, through the Australian National University in Canberra, to government officials from the Pacific, South and Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Peter has written two non-fiction books about the Middle East: Herzl’s Nightmare—one land two peoples; Arabian Plights—the future Middle East. He has also authored a range of short fiction which has been published or long/shortlisted in national and international competitions. Peter’s new novel – Beethoven’s Tenth and the journey which saved the world – will be published in late 2020 (MYP Press). A collection of his short stories – Life, death and other distractions – is scheduled for publication in early 2021 (Ginninderra Press).

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