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Francesca Beddie writes history and undertakes policy analysis, primarily on tertiary education. She is interested in the intersection between evidence and policy and in the use of history as a policy tool (see paper below).

Much of Francesca’s work on education can be found in the VOCED database. Francesca is a member of the Professional Historians Association of NSW, for which she edits a blog.

Francesca’s latest research is published by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. See VET applied research: driving VET’s role in the innovation system by Francesca Beddie and  Linda Simon, September 2017.

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Stephen Matchett, a wry observer of higher education, noted in his daily Campus Morning Mail in July 2015:

The estimable National Centre for Vocational Education and Research has an anthology of recent research here. The papers are all worth reading, especially Francesca Beddie’s major 2014 assessment of the state of training and proposals for a new post-school VET structure. This merited much more attention than it received, getting lost in the deregulated student fees debate, which is but a subset of the issues she discussed.

On F. Beddie, Putting Life into Years, Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, 2001

Francesca Beddie has put together a comprehensive and informative account of the history of the Commonwealth’s evolving role in health matters during the past century…

Milton Lewis, University of Sydney, Health and History, 4/2 2002

History and policy -- a case study in tertiary education

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