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Communication is not only about the written word. It’s also about how you deliver the message, using the spoken word, body language, as well as deploying the right tactics to engage your audience and head towards a win-win result. We offer a variety of workshops and courses that are tailored to your organisation’s mission, staff needs and negotiating environment. We specialise in public sector negotiation settings.

The topics we address encompass the whole process of a good negotiation: formulating a bargaining position; understanding the obstacles to a negotiated outcome; building coalitions; preparing a good meeting brief; conducting and recording meetings; drafting and delivering speeches/talking points.

Through practical exercises, participants are introduced to good practices in conducting meetings and are helped to overcome the stage-fright many experience when having to represent their agency or country at external meetings.

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In the Pacific we deliver this workshop in conjunction with the Graduate Studies in Diplomacy and International Affairs program at the University of the South Pacific, where it has been very well received. Comments on the October 2012 workshop:

The wealth of experience of the presenters guided everyone along very well and the scenarios provided were relevant and realistic in relation to Pacific Island countries. Thank you to Peter and Francesca.

I recommend the workshop to other post-graduate courses which have senior government officials who deal a lot with negotiations/attend meetings (local or international ones).

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