Using words wisely

Whether you are writing a text to a friend, a submission to a government minister, scanning a research report or reading for pleasure, you want to get to the point.

Francesca Beddie  is co-founder of Make Your Point, a consultancy offering writing and editorial services, as well as training and coaching in communication skills.

Francesca has developed and facilitated training programs in effective communication and international negotiations for a variety of government agencies within Australia and overseas. As well as tailored workshops, Make Your Point offers online coaching and individual or small group coaching sessions.

What I do

Write! Edit! Teach!

My expertise is in synthesising complex ideas, without losing the nuance of sophisticated thinking and research.

Writing services

I am a full member of the Australian Society of Authors and write history, policy reviews, research reports, essays and opinion pieces.

I use plain English to convey your message. Contact me to discuss your project or send us a message.

Editing services

All good writing is re-written. All writers need editors. I can bring a fresh eye to your copy, to help you get the structure and tone right, to avoid the typos and other little mistakes that distract from your point, and to improve clarity.


Francesca Beddie writes history and undertakes policy analysis, primarily on tertiary education. She is interested in the intersection between evidence and policy and in the use of history as a policy tool. Much of Francesca’s work on education can be found in the VOCED database. Francesca is a member of the Professional Historians Association of NSW.

Training and coaching for better writing

My approach

Make Your Point consults closely with clients to develop courses specific to participant needs and which include practical exercises that simulate the demands of the workplace. Such consultation ensures that course content and learning outcomes align with client expectations.

Make Your Point’s focus is on conveying the principles of plain English and help people employ accuracy, brevity and clarity and the right tone in their written communication. We offer short courses that introduce these principles, as well as exercises on writing specific types of communication such as email, letters and internal office communications or external documents such as media releases and speeches.

But you can’t learn to write in a one-day course. Francesca therefore offers coaching services, helping people to improve documents in real time. These services are delivered online, on the telephone or in person.


The whole webinar was nicely shaped. I loved the presenter Francesca Beddie and the discussants.

‘This course made me think!’

‘I liked working on real-life examples and being given pointers and advice on what to improve on.’